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CPT University

Seismic Averaging in SCPTu testing

Data Analysis With DCP

Human-Portable Hydraulic Power: The Vertek Lightweight CPT Push System

Smart DCP - Get the app for instant data logging and laser accuracy!

CPT Dictionary: Soil Liquefaction

CPT Dictionary: Soil Shear Strength

CPT Dictionary: Overburden Stress

Understanding the Relationship between SPT Data and CPT Data

ASTM Standard Cone Penetrometer Sizes: Which is Best for Your Application?

Using CPT Pore Pressure Dissipation Tests to Characterize Groundwater Conditions

Intro to Seismic CPT

CPT 102: Common Corrections in CPT Data Analysis

Beyond the Basics: Contamination Detection and Other Applications of CPT Equipment

What is DCP testing, and how does it compare to CPT?

Intro to CPTu: What Can You Learn From Pore Pressure Data?

How to Read a CPT Soil Behavior Type Chart

CPT 101: Determining Soil Profiles from CPT Data

CPT Mini Track Rig - Our Most Compact Self-Powered Rig

Is a Sieve Analysis Accurate?

Financing of New CPT Equipment Now Available

Grow your Business by Increasing your Geotechnical Services

How to Interpret Soil Test Results from CPT Testing

Should you Use a Sand Cone Test in Construction?

What Can You Reveal Using Fluorescence Detection?

What Information Should you Include in a Geotechical Report?

Heavy CPT Truck Delivered to Saudi Arabian Customer (Video)

What is Triaxial Testing and is it the Best Method for Testing Soil?

10 Essentials of Construction Testing and Engineering

Cone Penetration Testing Glossary of Terms

What is a CPT DataPack?

CPT Testing, the Piezocone and Measuring Soil Moisture

Geotechnical Investigation and CPT Papers Now Available From CPT '14

When Should You Consider SPT Testing Over CPT?

What to Consider Before Buying a Used CPT Rig

Building a CPT Truck in Less Than 3 Minutes (Video)

CPT Testing 101: Basic Concepts

Incotec Q&A: Cone Testing in Bolivia

Ensure Properties are Accurate Using Sediment Cone Testing

CPT Testing, Part 1: Introduction to the Basic Concepts

An Introduction to Soil Compaction Testing

New Geotechnical Exploration Firm in Southeast US: PalmettoINSITU

Towable CPT Trailer - Push System on Wheels!

The Application of Dynamic Cone Penetration Testing (DCPT)

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Geotechnical Boring; Why CPT May be Your Better Option

Analyzing CPT Data

Soil Quality in Geological Engineering

Terracon Consulting Engineers Takes Delivery of 20 Ton CPT Track Rig

Cone Penetrometer Testing via Speed Lock Rods

Converting a Drilling Rig into a CPT Platform

In-Situ Soil Testing 101: The Different Types of Tests

A Short Introduction into CPT and the ASTM Standards

CPT Rigs: Types, Uses & Applications

CPT Case Study: GEI Consultants

Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Overview 101

Land Concierge of Japan Visits Vertek CPT Facility

Using a Compaction Test to Determine Site Safety Standards

Testing Pavement Sections at Ohio University

Ensuring That Your CPT Data is Correctly Reported and Interpreted

Attending CPT Symposium 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada

See the Vertek CPT Lightweight Portable CPT Push System in Action!

Soil Quality and Soil Liquefaction

Why Are There So Many Kinds of CPT Rigs?

LED Fluorescence Detectors and Fuel Fluorescence Detection (FFD)

Soil Electrical Conductivity

Standard Penetration Test (SPT) a Basic Soil Testing Procedure

The Importance of Proper Soil Quality

Why Are There So Many Kinds of CPT Rigs?

Measuring the Moisture Content of Soil Using CPT

Join us at Geo-Congress 2014 - Booth #105

4 Types of Geotechnical Testing: What is the Best Option for You?

Hollow Stem Augers Don't Provide the Accuracy that CPT has to Offer

Presenting CPT Data to Owners & Engineers: an Important Role of CPT

Why Would You Need a Track CPT Rig?

What is a Cone Test? If you want to know the basics, start here


Screening for Soil Contamination Levels with CPT

Adding a Soil Testing Service to Your Drilling Business