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Beyond the Basics: Contamination Detection and Other Applications of CPT Equipment

- Posted by VertekCPT

Vertek modular soil samplerCone Penetration Testing equipment was originally designed – and is still most commonly used – to characterize subsurface soil behavior types. But when you invest in CPT equipment, you are getting the capability to do much more. A variety of sensors and in-situ samplers can be integrated into CPT modules, making CPT equipment a versatile and efficient choice for contamination detection, environmental site assessment, and other field applications.

CPT equipment has several advantages over conventional hollow stem auger drilling and percussion drilling based methods, especially in contaminated soils. Specialized CPT tests can identify contaminants and determine the physical extent of the contamination with minimal disturbance of the soil, thus avoiding costly disposal of drill cuttings and minimizing contact between field personnel and potentially hazardous materials.

Here’s an overview of some tests and technologies that you can harness via CPT equipment:

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Topics: Soil Testing, Geotechnical Services

Grow your Business by Increasing your Geotechnical Services

- Posted by VertekCPT



If you're looking for ways to help grow your business, consider expanding your geotechnical services. By increasing the geotechnical services your company offers, you'll be able to expand your current client base and increase your workload. To realize these benefits, you'll first have to decide which geotechnical services you can offer, which you could offer more in-depth, how it would affect your current workload, and how it can increase your revenue. 

What Geotechnical Services Can your Business Offer?

  1. Rental and sales of equipment
  2. Field exploration (soil and rock sampling, test boring, core drilling, electro-magnetic surveying, etc.)
  3. Site evaluation (for pavement/ sub grades, alternative site and route studies, definition of critical geotechnical parameters)
  4. Engineering analysis and design (slope stability evaluation, hillside grading recommendations, earth retaining structure design, earthquake damage analysis)
  5. Laboratory testing services (soil classification, shear strength, permeability, consolidation characteristics, resistivity)
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