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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes, we are able to ship anywhere in the world. We ship our small orders via Fedex and UPS international. For our larger orders we use a freight forwarder service to help coordinate with your customs broker.

Q. Can I calibrate my own CPT cones?
A. No, we do require that you send in your CPT cones for calibration once a year. This ensures that your system will comply with ASTM standards.

Q. What type of CPT push systems do you sell and which one is best for my company?
A. We offer a wide array of CPT push systems that vary in pin push capacity as well as price. Our Versatile push systems are the most affordable and our Truck based and Track based CPT systems are our most rugged and expensive systems.

Q. Why do you offer two series of cones?
A. The VTK series of cones have been developed and improved by us over the last 25 years. Our VTK line of equipment is more expandable for environmental use. Our HT series of CPT equipment is based on our acquisition of the Hogentogler line of CPT equipment over 12 years ago. This HT series line is a cost effective CPT-specific product line.

Q. What is the technical difference between the two Cone Penetration test systems?
A. VTK SERIES -Our VTK series has more options for enhancing your job opportunities with Fuel Flourescence detection, video and Soil Moisture & Resistivity modules that can be seamlessly attached to our cones. Our VTK series also comes standard with a tri-axial seismic geophone package/ HT SERIES - Our HT series offers a fine geotechnical tool and when equipped with seismics can only carry a dual axis geophone package. Either system is available in a wide range of pressure capabilities and can be either 10 cm tip area or 15 cm tip area.

Q. Are the CPT cones interchangeable?
A. No, while we are working in that direction, at this time cables, cones and data acquisition units are different.

Q. Why can’t I buy parts online?
A. Our wide variety of versions over the years makes it far more accurate to have your records reviewed to ensure accuracy of replacement parts.

Q. How do I get help with deciding what cone penetration equipment to buy?
A. Use the request a quote or contact us form to start a CPT or DCP discussion.

Q. How do I get technical or parts support?
A. Simply call us or email.

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