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Pavement and Bridge Load Testing

While Vertek specializes in CPT equipment manufacturing, our geotechnical engineering experience extends into many other arenas.


For nearly 20 years we've been pioneering the science of accelerated pavement and bridge load testing apparatus. We call this offering the Accelerated Transportation Loading System (ATLaS). These systems greaty reduce the time and effort required to gain data regarding the lifespan and limits of road surfaces by simulating many years of traffic loading in months and are primarily sold to state DOTs and research universities. 


History of Accelerated Loading System Delivery



Since our first ATLaS delivery in 1997 to Ohio University, ARA has delivered six platforms to research institutes across North America. Our 70,000 square foot ISO certified manufacturing facility in Randolph, VT is home to experienced engineers, designers and technicians with decades of experience in geotechnical fields.

All of our platforms are custom built to accommodate for weight capacities, budget constraints and site restrictions.

Vertek built ATLaS have been delivered to:

  • Université Laval
  • Louisiana State University
  • Montana State University (Bridge Deck Tester)
  • University of Illinois
  • Ohio University
  • Gas Technology Institute, Illinois
  • Currently building for Rutgers University

The System can be built to test a variety of load types based on customer specifications. These tend to be based on typical maximum load. The below graphic details these options.


Available options include:

  • Wheel wander
  • Environmental controls (temperature cycling, freeze-thaw cycles)
  • Braking
  • Tire pressure control
  • Tire type (dual, single, full dolly)
  • Automated testing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Portability
  • Unidirectional Loading
  • Bidirectional Loading
  • Service Agreements

The output of the ATLaS allows agencies to evaluate materials, designs, and techniques in a controlled environment in order to inform road and bridge construction and maintenance decision making. 

A standard one year warranty and support package is included with all deliveries. Additional support contracts are often desired and we currently provide such services in foreign and domestic markets. These are inclusive of training, updates, repairs, maintenance, and on-call support via toll free telephone and email.

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