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Track based CPT Push Systems


Our track based CPT push systems are robust, rugged and maneuverable. Our track rigs are designed for deep pushes in tough geologies and easy maneuverability over difficult terrains.

These CPT push systems range in push force from 15 tons up to 30 tons. (light, medium and heavy)

Less Setup - Quickest Results

The hydraulic leveling system provides rapid leveling of the unit once it is on site. This, coupled with the weight of the vehicle, enables soundings at greater depths, which frees the operator to spend more time on actual soundings and less time deploying and recovering anchors. The track RIG CPT has the largest work platform available and permits a wide range of body styles and layouts.

Deepest Possible CPT Soundings

Vertek geotechnical heavy cpt trucks normally are equipped with 30 tons of push force and can be ballasted to achieve reaction weights required to utilize maximum push force. Additional push force can be supplied.

Cone Penetration Testing Industry's Most Cost-Effective Configurations

Vertek Geotechnical became the world's leading geotechnical and environmental engineering manufacturer of heavy cpt push platforms by building on a number of different models to meet your specifications.




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