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About Us


Vertek CPT has one goal; to make your business a success.

We do this by:

  • providing CPT solutions that are simple to operate
  • engineering and building equipment and systems that are the most reliable in the field
  • supplying a comprehensive range of equipment that enables you to start in the business with the least risk, to grow your business as far as you want
  • offering unmatched, U.S. based support
  • supporting you as you move into more advanced applications, with the highest profit margins
  • providing the technical and CPT business training you need to be successful

You’ll find that Vertek CPT goes above and beyond in our efforts to help you to be successful. Our extremely knowledgeable staff combined with decades of internal hands-on CPT experience mean that you get the right answers quickly. When combined with a friendly, approachable and service-oriented culture, you will know that we have your back.

You’ll successfully win new business, execute more work and achieve success with Vertek CPT as your technology partner.

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