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Automated DCPs (ADCP)

ADCP Trailer with optional Concrete Core Drill Automated Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Trailer with Concrete Coring System

Looking for an inexpensive ADCP system that you can simply detach at the end of the day? Our ADCP trailer systems are ready to go. Testing under pavement or concrete? Talk to us about our new KOR IT ADCP trailers.


Automated Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Truck System ADCP Systems on FORD Trucks (including F350 & F550)

The ADCP can be mounted on lightweight, commercially available pickup trucks such as the Ford F-550s. The ADCP utilizes a separate, self-contained power system to provide hydraulic power to the core drill. Because of the platform's light weight and small size, it does not require special permits, licenses, or increased insurance costs. In most states and counties it can be licensed as a pickup truck. This combination of small size and light weight makes it easy to access tight spots while providing economical operation and maintenance.


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