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FAQ - Cone Plot


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I select a Logo to print on my reports?
A. From the opening screen select Program Setup and then General Settings.  Select Logo will let you browse for any JPEG.

Q. I want to change the size of the Logo on my reports?
A. In General Settings there is a LOGO SCALE FACTOR for this purpose.

Q. My Logo is too washed out or too bold?
A. CONEPLOT does not have any photoshop capability. These types of changes need to be done to the JPG before importing.

Q. I do not want the remarks column to display on the graph?
A. Go into Print Settings and go to sounding plot settings and select PRINTOUT STYLE 1 (instead of 2). 

Q. I want to make all the reports from a job on the same graph scale for easier comparison?
A. Go to Scale and create the setup you want and then save the scale. Then you can load this scale when graphing the associated files. 

Q. My colors for Soil Behavior look okay on my screen but when I print them they are washed out?
A. Some  PDF writers do seem to alter the colors a bit, For this reason we put an adjustment for this in GENERAL SETTINGS called SBT GRAPH BRIGHTNESS FACTOR.  

Q. I do not want to have to choose my report channels every time. Most of the time I use the same ones?
A. Once you have selected the channels you want you can save it as a template  (go to PLOT/LIST Templates and click save as template)  Then go to select template and you can set as default if desired.

Q. What is the maximum number of channels I can put on a report?
A. Coneplot will graph/list up to 6 channels per report.  If you want to do more then just run it again with different selections.

Q. I want to  change the units on my reports?
A. Start Coneplot and go to Program Setup and then to  Channel Units/Formats.  Here you can select the units for the graph/list displays and, if you want, they can be different on the various. 

Q. I know what my water table depth is and want to add that into my graph?
A. At the top of the graph page click on Water Table and add in the known depth. The Hydrowstatic line (if selected in Print Settings) will then start from the water table depth.

Q. I want to change the order of the channels on the graph/list report?
A. Channels are displayed on the graph/list in the order selected after choosing the file to be processed.

Q. I seem to have negative numbers or zero readings- I can't tell?
A. Plot the selected file and then click on SCALE at the top. Here you you can set the scale values for each channel and save them for future use (very handy for plotting several tests for the same job-- it is much easier to compare one test to another when the scales are the same). 

Q. How do I get multiple tests to have the same scales for easier comparison?
A. see above-  Saved Scales can easily be loaded to new file graphs.


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