LVUV Lights and FFD


Vertek's LVUV Series lights are the highest power UV lights on the market. They have the longest battery and lamp life and the kit contains everything you need to start working right away.

Because hydrocarbons fluoresce, or glow, under specific wave-lengths of ultraviolet light, the Vertek Division of Applied Research Associates has been producing Fuel Fluorescence Detection modules for our Cone Penetrometer (CPT) Systems to characterize hydrocarbon plumes below ground for over a decade.

Recently, we have developed a series of high power Low Voltage Ultra Violet (LVUV) spotlights, based on our subsurface fuel fluorescence detection system, that can be hand held or outfitted to any vehicle, land or sea, to scan above ground areas for surface contaminants.

With Vertek's UV Spotlights, scientists and cleanup crews will be able to spot washed up oil and tar that has been mixed with mud and sand. Much of the oil and tar that is contaminating our beaches is virtually undetectable by the naked eye, even during daylight hours. Deposited tar balls, normally brown or black, and likely partially covered by sand, will glow bright orange and yellow under LVUV series spotlights. Our spotlights are housed in heavy duty water resistant anodized or powder coated aluminum that will resist oxidation and corrosion in high salinity environments. Our LVUV spotlights have the 365nm wave length and the output levels needed to quickly screen for and detect a wide range of contaminants.

Fuel Fluoresence Detection Products

Fuel Fluorescence Detection of Contaminants in Surface Soil and Subsurface Soil. How does Fuel Fluorescence work with Environmental Cleanup?

Vertek's line of fuel fluorescence detection (FFD) products are rapid site characterization tools that measure fluorescence produced by the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) constituents of petroleum, oil, and lubricant (POL) contaminants.

Cost Effective Alternative to Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)

The FFD probe utilizes solid state Ultra-Violet (UV) LED excitation sources and multiple spectral response bands, all tunable to maximize discrimination and delineation of subsurface contamination. With their long life and broad angle of view for maximum sensing area, the UV LED excitation sources provide a cost effective alternative to laser induced fluorescence (LIF) (e.g., UVOST) techniques.

Vertek's innovative FFD sensor package is robust, low cost, and tunable to discriminate multiple contaminants of interest. Competitors using LIF often string many meters of expensive fiber optic cable from the probe to the up-hole sensing and analysis equipment. All Vertek FFD probes collect and process data down-hole, with no complicated instruments to operate or complex data to interpret. Sensor output provides continuous readings with depth with a screening level (high/medium/low/no) response to contaminants.

Each FFD sensor band, (up to 3 available), is tuned to the peak fluorescence response of the contaminant of interest, allowing immediate verification of contamination at a fraction of the cost and complexity of LIF (e.g., UVOST). The Vertek FFD sensor package was designed with cost savings in mind. The shock proof construction allows percussive hammering of the probe into the subsurface without the need to purchase dedicated, direct push deployment technology (e.g., a cone penetrometer truck). 

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